Benefits of ReferenceRight®

Automated Employee Reference Check Benefits:HSD ReferenceRight

When it’s time to hire a new staff member, reference checks are necessary to find an individual who is qualified, reliable and capable of performing their desired position. However, reference checks have become increasingly problematic for several reasons. One issue is that supervisors are often reluctant to offer specific feedback and instead merely verify employment, giving you very little useful information upon which to base your hiring decision. Additionally, the prospective employee may offer only references that they know will provide positive or exceptional reviews.

For these reasons and more, HSD is an ideal solution to employment reference checking challenges. With ReferenceRight® and our automated employee reference check system, you get detailed and specific feedback from references that you choose and HSD does all of the work. Not only will you acquire superior references, but your HR department will be relieved of the burden of tracking down references and attempting to gather significant responses.

The Benefits of Automated Employment Reference Checking:

Automated employee reference checks consistently produce high quality references.

The web based application encourages participation due to its confidential nature, which promotes more honest, specific feedback from a candidate’s previous supervisors and peers.

Candidate does most of the work by supplying accurate emails and contact information for previous employers and other references.

ReferenceRight takes 90% less time to secure references than a regular HR department.

References are usually completed within 1-2 days. Normal reference check processes take 5 days or more on average.

Specific and improved questions produce references that are more relevant and useful.

Reference legitimacy is authenticated on the website.

ReferenceRight is low cost and requires no software purchases or licensing and needs only limited training for use.

ReferenceRight measures candidates across a variety of work-related competencies and also asks open ended questions to receive additional feedback.

Here’s how our automated process works:

Quick Turnaround

  • Reference checking time is reduced by over 90%
  • References are completed in 1-2 days rather than 5+ days
  • 75% of references requested are completed

Improves Reference Quality

  • Greater candidate ownership of accurate reference contact information
  • Reference quality improves from increased respondents, relevant questions, and instant reporting

Easy to Use

  • No licensing, software purchases, and minimal training
  • Powerful internal reference benchmarks
  • Instant web access to reference feedback

Reduces Risk

  • Reduced risk of litigation from electronic liability release

Learn more about ReferenceRight today and get the references you need to hire quality employees with ease.