The Process


Measuring employee engagement allows you to get a direct view of your employees’ perceptions of their positions, their supervisors and the organization as a whole.


The HSD Metrics employee engagement survey process removes the intensive time commitment that your HR department would have to devote to conduct the process. Our simple, but thorough web based process allows employees to complete their surveys online so that you or your HR personnel can immediately access their responses and begin to observe trends and make action plans for improvement. Additionally, paper surveys can be completed and HSD Metrics will enter the response data for you.

Employee Survey Process

  • Choose and finalize survey questions based on well-researched and customized questions provided by HSD Metrics.
  • Develop the improvement priority checklist, while documenting comments to support action priorities and open ended questions.
  • Export employee contact information (email addresses) as well as demographics and reporting groups to improve data accuracy.
  • HSD Metrics then contacts each employee by email to inform them of the survey. In this email the employee also receives passwords to access the survey and additional reminders to participate.
  • As the client, you will conduct any paper versions of the survey that you intend to administer and then return this data to HSD Metrics for entry.
  • Access a 24/7 database to get immediate results. You can view quantitative data, improvement priorities and verbatim comments.

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