Exit Interview Sample Responses

What truly sets HSD apart from other exit interview companies is our extensive reporting system. After we’ve collected data from exiting employees, ExitRight® organizes that data so that you can see the specific issues underlying turnover within your organization. The details are interesting, but ultimately the trends are the most important feature. A quick look at patterns and real commentary like the exit interview sample responses below, and you’ll quickly identify the changes your organization may need to face.


Data visualizations help you quickly see trends

  • You’ll have access to graphs, which chart the percentage of staff that left for controllable or uncontrollable turnover causes.
  • You’ll be able to view the most to least important causes, visually graphed showing comparisons to prior years and ExitRight benchmarks. Such data provides a clear and concise view of the predominant causes for turnover.
  • You’ll get in-depth views of where employees went after exiting your organization. Did they move into a similar organization but with higher pay, better benefits or a more relaxed schedule? Did they quit despite not having a job lined up? Answers to these types of questions are vital to the health of your company, especially when you consider the high costs of employee turnover.


Open-ended commentary allows for candid responses

With our open-ended commentary section of the ExitRight exit interview, you can view very specific verbatim commentary left by departing employees during their exit interview. These candid remarks are especially useful in developing retention solutions, since they will give you a more individual and explicit view of why staff are leaving.

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The above graph illustrates a broader view of employee turnover causes according to categorized job groups. By utilizing our exit interview process you will gain access to the 20 years of employee turnover data HSD has accumulated. This data is based off of partnerships we’ve had with a wide variety of organizations. Not only do we provide your organization with candid responses from your exiting employees, we compare those results against industry norms, allowing you to evaluate and analyze your employee retention rate against your industry as a whole.

Exit Interview Sample Responses from Real Employees

Below is a sampling of candid remarks made on ExitRight interviews by prior employees of numerous companies. These are real comments; organization names have been removed for privacy.

In addition to providing your organization with these candid reflections on exiting employees’ experiences and grievances, we assist you with action plans to make immediate and lasting changes to reduce turnover.

See how HSD Metrics can help your employee retention with ExitRight interviews, and contact us for more info.