The ExitRight® Process

Let HSD Metrics do the heavy lifting.

When you choose ExitRight for your exit interviews, you’re letting us do the work. Rather than expecting your already busy HR department to track down previous employees to request an exit interview, we contact them directly. You simply provide their contact information, while we handle interviewing and data collection.

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The Exit Interview Process

  • HSD Metrics provides an ExitRight interview draft for your review, working with you to revise it until you are completely happy.
  • We work with you to customize the exit interview process to best fit your needs.
    • Consider making the interviews anonymous, which often increases participation and honesty.
    • Choose how we will contact previous employees to ensure the highest number of responses.
    • Choose which interview process—web, phone or email—you prefer.
  • HSD Metrics prepares your exit interview website, emails and notifications.
    • A member of your HR department simply exports the names and contact information for previous employees into the ExitRight system, establishing your 24/7 reporting terminal.
  • We work with you to tailor your reporting options to best meet your business challenges.
    • Select your demographic and organizational reporting requirements.
    • Select preferred methods of aggregating data for reporting purposes.
    • Decide how frequently you want period reports—quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • You use your ExitRight exit interview findings to implement business changes that reduce your employee turnover.
    • Access the ExitRight portal 24/7 to review your results, whenever needed.
    • Create action plans according to data collected by HSD Metrics related to past employees’ experience with your organization.
    • Observe positive changes in employee exit interviews over time, while comparing them to our extensive turnover benchmarks as you implement changes.

Promoting Success with ExitRight

  • Ensure that ExitRight has exiting employee data immediately upon termination so that we can conduct the exit interview within two to eight weeks of the employee leaving.
  • Create an internal document for exiting employees so that they know to expect an exit interview from HSD Metrics.
  • Encourage exiting employees to participate in the exit interview when they are contacted.
  • Let managers and employees know as much as possible about the exit interview process.

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