The Benefits of ExitRight®

Outsourcing exit interviews can be an effective solution for your employee turnover challenges.

Exit interviews are not a new concept–many companies use them. The challenge with typical exit interviews is that most companies do not have internal resources dedicated to reacting to the feedback received in the exit interviews. In these cases, data from exiting employees is gathered, but never implemented to enact real business change. This is where HSD Metrics excels. By outsourcing exit interviews, your team can focus on what matters most: the insights.

Our process begins with a letter, email or phone call to the previous employee requesting their participation in the interview. The former employee can complete the interview with any of the three communications mentioned and understands during each correspondence that we will continue to contact them until a response is received.

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Easy Monitoring of Surveys and Results

Instant, Secure Access: Our 24/7 web portal displays numerical findings for all data gathered, and also offers the abilities to chart, filter and download your data.

Red Flag Alerts: Our technology monitors potential unethical or fraudulent activity on the portal to promote data integrity.

Saves Time: Because the whole process is outsourced, your staff is freed up to handle other responsibilities.

Great completion rates and full analysis

Web, Paper and Phone Interview Options: Flexible response mechanisms–accessible on our mobile-friendly portal–generate higher returns and greater data integrity.

Robust Analytics and Reporting: Period reports feature in-depth trend analysis, themes and demographic and organizational causes of turnover.

Comprehensive Results: We design your interview with extensive qualitative and verbatim commentary–all available in multiple languages.

Benchmarking: Results from nearly 100,000 respondents back our industry norms, allowing you to benchmark against other companies in our database.

Tailored to Your Business Needs

Customization: Question items and findings are compiled to meet your specific demographic and organizational reporting needs.

Understanding: Knowing why employees leave provides you with deeper insight into the workings of your company, which, in turn, enables you to make positive changes to impact the overall health of your company.

Easy to Use: There are no expensive software, licensing, training or long-term contracts to sign.

Exceptional Value: Pricing is based on completed interviews and service option selections–you only pay for the interviews completed. You’ll also reduce costs associated with high turnover, including frequent hiring and training.