4 Characteristics To Look For In Exit Interview Suppliers
exit interview suppliers

A lot of companies like to take things into their own hands, and that includes exit interviews. Exit interviews can give businesses insider insights they normally would not be able to uncover. People leave jobs for numerous reasons – conflicts with supervisors, lack of promotion opportunities, job security concerns, scheduling conflicts and lack of recognition, to name a few. In-house exit interviews often solely focus on the “whys” and the reasons an employee is leaving. What exit interview suppliers, such as HSD Metrics®, can offer is unbiased feedback, solutions, trend reporting and an overall enhanced field of data to analyze. The following four features should be available from any exit interview supplier as you search for the best program for your business.

    1. Outsourced Openness
      Imagine. You’ve just left your company for a better opportunity. You still have great ties with your former employer, and you are not turned off completely to the idea of returning in the future. During your exit interview with your former employer, you feel like you need to be a little more cautious and not speak candidly. On the other hand, with an outsourced interviewer, you feel more open to sharing all the details of your decision.  Receiving honest responses from departing employees by using an outsourced exit interview supplier will benefit any business. The ExitRight process allows participants to speak anonymously to keep the answers as honest and as unbiased as possible.
    2. Capturing Trends and Patterns
      One of the amazing features HSD Metrics’ ExitRight® provides employers is the analytics. We collect all of the data and instantly report the findings.  Important differences between groups, departments, age, gender, length of service are easily identified using ExitRight’s charting features. Dive deeper into the verbatim commentary research and see what former employees are saying about each of the turnover causes they have selected. Another example lies in leadership and supervision conflicts. Your business has put in place new leadership and you find out that multiple people have left because of this one person. This raises a red flag and points out areas where you may need to correct management problems.
    3. Exit Interview Customization
      Some exit interview suppliers enjoy pitching their program, having businesses sign up, executing their internal processes, and then sending in a report weekly, quarterly, monthly, or annually to the client. That’s not the way it works with ExitRight and HSD Metrics.  ExitRight’s findings are instant and immediately accessible.  While ExitRight’s standard interview questions include external benchmarks, we like to include the client in every step of the launch process, to collaborate and customize the interview to your requirements. We know a lot about all of our clients, but no one knows a company better than the company management and its employees. Clients are able to customize the filters for the reporting system they can access 24/7 online – demographics, job titles, years with the company, generation spans, etc. They are also able to select a preferred method of aggregating data: online, mail or phone. Finally, clients are able to build off our tailored questions for exiting employees. We end up asking questions that we may not have thought of at first or focusing on bigger concerns the client has.
    4. Outsource and Reallocate
      As an outsourced exit interview supplier, we are here to save you time and energy. By outsourcing exit interviews, your human resource department is available to focus on more high-level priorities. HSD Metrics takes it one step further by not only providing clients with data, but also with solutions. We want to help you grow as a business and become more successful with your hiring.

    These are four of many things to look for in exit interview suppliers. We offer a great deal of customization and resources to those that sign up for ExitRight, and if you think this is an area where you could use some assistance, we are here to help. Contact HSD Metrics today to see how we can get integrated into your company and improve your employee retention. HSD Metrics offers new hire, stay, and exit interview platforms that can help your business improve employee engagement, experience, and retention.