Best Hiring Practices

Actual Comments on Why Employees Leave:

“I was hired as a branch manager and it actually was a sales manager position. I was required to do personal production without a base salary. Originally I was told differently when I was hired. It wasn’t the original job and wasn’t going to be a worthwhile position for me.”

The Solution

While all workplaces require flexibility, starting someone in a different capacity than what was communicated in the hiring process should be avoided. Clearly some jobs are ambiguous and it is rare to have a job that is exactly as defined in an interview as business conditions, products, and processes often change. Setting appropriate expectations for what a position will entail and what type of payment a candidate can expect is critical for hiring and retaining talented employees. If accurate expectations are not set, employees will be frustrated and will not trust your organization. Being honest and straightforward about position roles and compensation will allow you to build trust and commitment during the hiring process.

What are some good hiring processes you should be following?

• Stay professional as the interviewer throughout the interview process. Although you want the interviewee to feel welcome and comfortable you don’t want to be too casual or condescending.

• Be prepared. Before the position is even posted make sure you’ve spent a lot of time determining what you want this new employee to accomplish for the company and what salary range you’ll be able to provide.

• Think ahead. Think about how the position may evolve over time so you can set good expectations about how the position may grow or change in the future.

• Keep an open line of communication. Be honest and open with job candidates. Consider allowing interviewees to speak with a variety of staff members so they can get multiple perspectives on what it’s like to work for your organization.

• Do not rush the process. Although you may be desperate to fill the position, it’s worth it to take the time to find an ideal candidate with the traits needed to excel in the position and within the organization.

By following the best hiring processes you will attract qualified job candidates and reduce employee turnover after their hire date.

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