Should You Consider Outsourced Exit Interviews?
A woman is talking to a man in an office.

Though employee turnover is inevitable, there are ways to learn from the turnover process and to provide your company with the valuable information you need to improve your company’s structure and culture. The most effective way to gain access to this information is through outsourced exit interviews. These interviews provide companies with unbiased information from each departing employee. Why should you consider investing in outsourced exit interviews?

  • They reduce bias. If exit interviews are done internally, it can be hard for the interviewer and the interviewee to remain unbiased or for a departing employee to speak candidly. With an outsourced exit interview service, the interview is more likely to provide your company with actionable, meaningful information from the leaving employee.
  • They provide complete reports. With programs like HSD Metrics’ ExitRight®, companies are provided with numerical findings and data collected from the exit interview as well as commentary and benchmarks. This information can help you to gain a better understanding of your company’s turnover and retention performance at every level.
  • They can be customized. Outsourced interviews still give you the opportunity to tailor the questions to provide you with the information you’re looking for. If there is a specific facet of your company that you are concerned about, exit interviews can be edited to meet your needs.
  • They offer a higher completion rate. By outsourcing exit interviews, you ensure that the interviews are conducted in a timely manner and the rate of completion is higher.
  • They offer a complete snapshot of the organization. The purpose of exit interviews is to let the company know why the employee is choosing to leave. Find out whether it is because of job duties, work relationships, company culture, position expectations, benefits, salary, or some other issue. All of these factors are important to improving employee morale and understanding the causes of turnover will help your company improve practices and retain existing employees.
  • They influence and serve as a continuous pulsing of management behavior and ethical practices. ExitRight data shows in all industries the number one reason for turnover is the supervisor.  The data gathered provides continuous feedback, commentary examples, and retention solutions for management development. Instant notification of ethical violations resulting from exit data to the company reduces legal risks. Outsourcing exit interviews provide a safe and confidential outlet for such issues to surface.

Insight gathered through outsourced exit interviews can help reveal where your company is performing well with its human capital and where it can improve. Do you need help conducting exit interviews? Contact HSD Metrics to learn more about our ExitRight® employee exit interview outsourcing services and how they can improve your company’s overall employee retention.