Increase Satisfaction with a Staff Satisfaction Survey
staff satisfaction survey

Staff satisfaction is essential to a healthy and thriving workplace. If your employees are energized and excited to go to work each day, they will be motivated to put their best foot forward throughout the workweek. However, for employers and internal HR departments, satisfaction can be a difficult thing to measure. With the help of a staff satisfaction survey, your organization can identify the areas of your business that need attention or overhauling to make employees’ workplace experience a more enjoyable one. There are a number of ways to improve overall employee satisfaction, including a few that may be small, but can make a huge impact on your organization.

1. Continuous Communication
The success and happiness of your employees have a lot to do with feeling like they are an important part of your organization. Staying in contact with them and letting them know more about things happening with the company, good or bad, can be a great way to improve overall satisfaction. Continuous communication company-wide, as well as within teams or departments, keeps everyone updated on news, issues, and internal happenings.

2. Professional Development Possibilities
Often, when employers think about professional development possibilities, they immediately think about the financial investment that usually comes with these opportunities. But, professional development can be more than classes and conferences. Offer employees the opportunity to learn new skills within the company or to receive formal training on new processes.

3. Decrease Commute Stress
Since the majority of the workforce drives to work or relies on public transportation to get to the office, decreasing commute stress can be extremely helpful. If employees know they will be reprimanded for getting to the office after the beginning of the workday because of traffic or other things out of their control, they are often distracted the rest of the day. If possible, let employees know that being late because of traffic is not a reason to stress out.

For organizations interested in learning more about their staffs’ attitudes, it may be time to invest in a staff satisfaction survey. With the help of HSD Metrics® and our many organizational surveys, you can learn more about your organization to increase retention, employee satisfaction, and much more. Contact us today to learn more.