Successful Employee Retention Strategies
Employee retention strategies

Employee retention is something that each and every organization strives for. Hiring new employees can be a long, expensive and stressful process and companies with high employee turnover are stuck in a constant cycle of searching for candidates, interviewing and hiring. Establishing employee retention strategies can be a great way to ensure that your employees are getting the most out of their time with your organization and that you aren’t required to search for new talent each month. Consider implementing one of these successful employee retention strategies at your company:

1. Hire Qualified Talent
Hiring is a large part of employee retention. Often, hiring tends to depend on personality first and skills second. While it is hard to look past someone’s personality after meeting them, focusing on their skills and qualifications can lead to longer employment time. HSD Metrics®’ ReferenceRight® can help you to check each candidate’s references prior to the interview process to get a fuller picture of his or her on-the-job performance and make the best decision.

2. Track Retention Trends
Keep your employees happy and engaged in their position by tracking retention trends within your organization and learning from them. Many companies make the mistake of forgetting to track any retention trends within the organization. Retention trends could yield insight into the management/staff relationship, work/life balance, training methods, and much more. If you are interested in tracking employee retention trends, consider ExitRight® Employee Exit Interview Outsourcing from HSD Metrics. These surveys offer employers benchmarks and analytics based on each outgoing employee’s interview.

3. Identify Stressors
For many employees, the decision to leave a position at any organization is one that takes a great deal of thought and consideration. When they are thinking about leaving, they consider all of the stressors in their position—hard deadlines, long hours, micromanaging managers, etc. SurveyRight® Employee Engagement Surveys from HSD Metrics can provide insights into a wide range of organizational health factors, helping to make you aware of these stressors and think through how you can work to eliminate or lessen their effects on your employees.

Employee retention strategies can help to change the atmosphere and culture at your organization. If you are interested in learning more about the survey-guided, fact-based data gathered by HSD Metrics, please contact us today for additional information about our various surveys and custom capabilities.