Is Your Employer Culture Effective?

Find Trends In Your Employee Satisfaction With Stay Interviews

In large companies, where there are multiple teams that work together daily, it can be difficult for employees to find opportunities to socialize outside of their team or department.

What do your employees think about your company culture? Stay interviews help employers learn the factors that influence employee retention within their company. In an age where employee satisfaction is a prominent focus in the workplace, the need to identify trends and areas for improvement has become invaluable for employers.

For the results of stay interviews to be accurate and credible, stay interviews must be conducted confidentially, objectively, and in a low-pressure setting. For an employer, it can be difficult to implement these interviews in an unobtrusive, natural way. For a better grasp on employee perception of the company atmosphere, some employers try to conduct stay interviews on their own. However, stay interviews conducted internally run the risk of lost objectivity — employees can feel that the process is less anonymous and fear their name might back it back to their employer. For this reason, many employers find greater success in conducting stay interviews with a third-party provider.

Outsourcing stay interviews can help employers objectively identify trends that work well within their company and create an actionable plan that will improve employee retention. HSD Metrics objectively conducts interviews to generate honest employee feedback and gain accurate data that reflects employee perception of management trends. To provide the best results, HSD focuses on security and employee completion to accurately measure against internal and external benchmarks. If you are looking to improve your company and identify trends in employee retention, contact us today.