5 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover
Happy Employees

Employee turnover can be expensive and disruptive for any company. Keeping employees happy and motivated to come to work each day requires constant effort. But by creating a place where employees want to work, you can reduce employee turnover and save your company time and money by reducing training costs and maintaining steady customer service. These 5 tips may change the way that employees view your company and can help reduce employee turnover:

  1. Make a Long-Term Investment
    Investing in your employees is a great way to reduce employee turnover. This doesn’t mean investing in the traditional sense of the word, through compensation, but through personal investment. Spend time communicating with employees to encourage them to continue learning. Invest in continued education and professional growth opportunities and establish mentoring relationships between newer employees and more experienced personnel. Personal investments show that your company is committed to your employees’ professional growth and development and give them another reason to stay around.
  2. Give Them Feedback
    Employees benefit and thrive in environments where professional feedback is encouraged. Setting clear goals and providing periodic feedback on their progress and performance creates a more efficient and effective working relationship and helps to increase their willingness to grow professionally. Constructive feedback is beneficial to both the employee and the company.
  3. Establish a Personalized Growth Plan
    Help employees feel valued by taking the time to sit down with them and establish a personalized growth plan for their time with the company. Get to know them, their goals, their aspirations, and their professional dreams. This will let each employee know that they are a valued member of the company and that you are interested in helping them grow during their time at your company.
  4. Hire Right From the Beginning
    Choosing the right employees can be a difficult process, but employee turnover can be an even more expensive problem for many companies. To reduce the likelihood of employee turnover, it is important to invest in the right talent from the very beginning. That means evaluating not only whether the candidate has the right skills for the position, but also whether he or she will fit into the overall company culture. Beyond the resume, consider the candidate’s work ethic, how he or she will fit in with the team, and if the candidate’s values align with those of the company. Hiring a highly skilled candidate is important, but if the new hire is not a good fit in all aspects of the company, you may be faced with the cost of finding and training a replacement far too soon.
  5. Encourage Employee Engagement
    Increase social interaction between employees through company activities, challenges and volunteer opportunities. Employees enjoy feeling like they are part of a team and company activities are a great way to help employees feel included and to increase communication between teams and departments. Another great way to encourage employee engagement is to give employees recognition for jobs well done and for big accomplishments.

In order to reduce employee turnover, it may take a few changes to how a company operates. These changes, while they may take time to establish, can greatly affect company culture and can impact employee turnover. Do you need help gathering information about your company culture and employee perceptions? Contact HSD Metrics today to find out how you can receive actionable results for your company.