A Balanced Work Life and Workload Management for Employees

Actual Comments on Why Employees Leave:

“The work life balance was awful for me and all my staff. With what I felt was chaos, no one could balance their work life.”

The Solution

Too heavy of a workload can sometimes cause even the hardest workers and the smartest employees to be burnt out at work. Helping employees with workload management can help them more effectively enjoy their job and life outside of the workplace. In any labor market, employers will face attraction, motivation, and retention issues when competing for the best talent. The most successful companies are realizing they must take a more strategic approach to talent acquisition and management. While compensation and benefit programs remain critical components, companies are using a mix of all the total rewards elements to attract, motivate, and retain employees. Work-life is one of the five total rewards elements and is becoming more important due to the diversity of today’s workforce.

So, what is work-life? It is a set of policies, procedures, expectations, and an organizational culture that actively supports efforts to help employees achieve success at work and at home.

The seven components of work-life include:
1. Culture change initiatives
2. Workplace flexibility
3. Creative use of paid and unpaid time off
4. Caring for dependents
5. Supporting health and wellness
6. Financial support
7. Community involvement

Dramatic changes in work and in people’s lives are changing the way organizations view work-life and these changes are having an impact on an organization’s human capital strategy. Companies are recognizing the importance of a balanced work-life and now view implementing effective work-life initiatives as a business imperative. More than ever organizations are realizing they must understand and address the diverse needs of their workforce in order to compete, survive, and thrive.

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