Are There Bullies in Your Workforce?

Actual Comments of Why Employees Leave
“The company needs to review and root out workforce bullies in this organization. There is a core group of four employees led by John Doe (name disguised) and with influence from Sue Smith (name disguised) that cause widespread problems that are affecting the company’s bottom line through confusion, lost productivity, low morale and employee turnover.”

Solving the Problem
ExitRight® provides continuous feedback and the “pulsing” of exiting employees with the resulting data instantly captured and reported upon. The above comment shows that the cost of bullying extends far beyond turnover. Such specific data, gathered from a well-designed confidential exit process, allows other workforce issues to surface in a manner that may be pro-actively addressed.

(This blog post brought to you by HSD Metrics, a company that offers new hire, stay, and exit interview platforms that can help your business improve employee engagement, as well as employee experience and retention. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today. The comments from exiting employees that are featured in this blog are collected from actual exit interviews conducted using ExitRight, HSD’s exit interviewing service. Because we place the privacy of our clients at the top of our priority list; the names of all involved parties are kept completely confidential. Check our blog often for posts like this, to reduce employee turnover within your organization).