Keeping Employee Training Programs Current & Relevant

Actual Comments of Why Employees Leave
“The training program is outdated and needs to be refreshed.”

The Solution
How many times have you sat through a training program and thought “this training program must be a hundred years old”?

What is the purpose of training? The purpose of training is to develop the skills and knowledge of employees so they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently. Training must be current and relevant to meet the needs of today’s business and technological advancements. With the fast pace of business and technology changes, organizations need to review their training programs on a regular basis to keep them updated.

Training programs should begin with a well thought out strategy.
• What are the required competencies and skills in the organization?
• What current skills exist in the organization today?
• Where are the skill gaps within the organization?
• Has the organization developed an action plan to show how an investment in training and development will help meet business goals and objectives?
• Has an implementation plan been developed?

Training costs can be significant in any business; however, many employers are prepared and willing to incur these costs because they expect the business to benefit from employees’ development and progress. The benefits of current and well-designed training programs include improved employee morale, reduced turnover, increased productivity, promotional opportunities, less supervision, and fewer costly mistakes to name a few. If an organization is providing training in order to check something off the “To Do” list, that is wasted money. Employees know when an organization is committed or not committed to training. Benefit your organization by taking the time to create a well thought out training program and achieve results through your employee’s performance and actions.

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