Train and Educate Your Employees on New Technology
train your employees on new technology

An Actual Comment from an Employee who Left:
“Yes, training lacked with new technology. Those of us who did not grow up with the new technology were not given a reasonable amount of time to learn.”

“I wish the department was able to have us go to certification training workshops so we could do better at our job. Currently, I and my ex-coworkers would have to learn the technology on our own.”

The Solution
These comments are exactly the kinds of insights that HSD Metrics can find with their ExitRight Employee Exit Interviews. HSD’s SurveyRight is designed to provide you with valuable feedback to build high-performance, high-retention work cultures.

Your company may spend millions of dollars upgrading or investing in new technology, but its advantages will be lost if your employees don’t know how to use the technology properly. Investment in new technology requires an investment in your workforce as well.

The amount of training and education you can provide when implementing a new technology determines your return on investment. A course of action for training your employees should be considered right along with the actual investment in the technology.

Employees who will be affected by technology changes should be communicated with clearly about:

  • What the change will be.
  • How the change will impact or help them.
  • When the change will take place.
  • How training will be implemented.

New technologies are often complicated and may require extensive training. The best course of action is a well-designed training plan. The plan should include both initial training and continued support, which might have prevented this employee’s departure. Include reasonable accommodations for those who learn differently or need additional training. When developing your training:

  • Communicate with those who will be impacted.
  • Demonstrate the advantages of the new technology and highlight the reasons to change.
  • Ensure that initial and ongoing training are personalized and focus on the tasks, not the tool.
  • Ensure there is accessible and ongoing support. Use local experts who understand the work being performed.
  • Be prepared for changes in job functions and provide support. Remember, new technology is usually accompanied by major work redesign.

Avoid the additional costs of employee turnover but making sure employees have the resources to reasonably learn a new technology. Contact HSD Metrics today to learn more about our Employee Engagement Surveys and how to implement one today!