HSD’s Annual Client Feedback Survey Data Shows High Satisfaction

As an organization, the top priority of your human resource department is to hire the right employees, properly train those employees in order to set them up for success and continue to keep those employees working hard, while also maintaining a positive management staff and workplace. Possessing the correct managers, who respect and praise employees in ways that will push them to achieve their goals along with the aspirations of the company, is an ongoing important task to control.

HSD can be your company’s solution to reaching these goals with our successful human resource metric offerings and time honored tools, including employee satisfaction surveys and employee onboarding surveys. Since HSD provides our clients with surveys to improve their organizations, it only makes sense that we also use surveys to gauge how we are doing as an organization, from our clients’ point of view.

HSD Metrics scored 4.70 on our most recent survey of client satisfaction. This represents a slight increase from the 4.63 total satisfaction score (5.0 highest rating possible) gathered from clients in 2010. Clients are invited to participate in the survey every 12 to 18 months. HSD scores in the exceptional range when compared to other talent management vendors who have a total score of 3.65 based on data gathered from 1,146 companies by Bersin & Associates Research. These findings can be found in The Customer Experience: Talent Management Technologies for 2012.

Examples of client comments gathered from survey feedback include:

“I deal with many contacts at HSD and usually my preference is to deal with one person regardless of my question. Everyone that I have interacted with has been extremely helpful and always goes above and beyond to make sure I get the answer I’m looking for.”

“Great source of information for use in working with our management team to address issues and improve staff engagement and retention.”

“This is an easy arrangement for our company. People leave and we get information about it without a lot of effort on our part.”

It is our goal to help your company properly measure employee engagement and reduce retention, as well as create a satisfactory client relationship with your organization to seamlessly help you reach these objectives. To learn more about resources that can help you better motivate your employees, call us today at 877-439-9315 or contact us online to talk with one of our expert team members. We provide tools that will not only help you motivate and engage employees, but understand why they become unmotivated in the first place.