Boosting the Numbers and Perceptions of Unethical Medical Practices

Actual Comments of Why Employees Leave
“With the new business model, some physicians were seeing patients unnecessarily to boost their numbers. One particular person said that he would prefer that the nursing staff not be so good because it would mean more money for him because it gave him more things to correct.”

The Solution
HSD provides outsourced exit interviews to learn why people are leaving. The data gathered may be utilized not only to improve retention but to achieve a greater understanding of strategies and policies within an organization. In this particular case, a specific individual left the company because they believed a new incentive system for physicians was causing unnecessary treatments. The comment resulted in further investigation, facts, data, and clarification, and communication of the intent of the policy. Exit interviews are a valuable means of getting to the root of such issues ultimately leading to increased employee retention. Contact us today for more information on employee surveys, exit interviews, automated reference checking, and more.

(HSD’s posts are provided by comments we have obtained through exit interviews conducted in the workplace. To protect our clients we have kept company names and interviewee names confidential. Reading our posts can serve as a helpful tool in reducing employee turnover within your organization.)