How Onboarding Surveys Can Help Reduce Costly Employee Turnover
onboarding surverys

Actual Comments from Employees Who Left:

“The job duties changed constantly during my tenure in the position. There were unrealistic
expectations for the type of position I was being paid to perform.”

“I was required to teach six completely different classes each semester in three different
departments, two departments that I was not certified in. When I was initially hired, I was
promised that I would only need to teach out of my content area for one year at most.”

The Solution
These two former employees share something in common – expectations and promises of the position didn’t meet reality. While some variance in duties and taking on extra tasks from time to time is expected, both the employee and you, as the employer, should have a clear understanding of the position from the start.

How can you make sure everyone is on the same page? HSD Metric’s Onboarding Surveys provide valuable insight into not only your new hires’ recruiting and hiring experiences, but also their expectations of the work environment. As an HR professional, it’s a goldmine of information that can help you continually improve processes and avoid costly new-hire turnover.

HSD Metrics makes the onboarding survey process simple. We’ll work with you to create a questionnaire that best serves your needs. Onboarding surveys can cover topics like

  • Performance objectives
  • Workload and work-life balance
  • Future plans to stay with the company
  • Management support
  • Work relationships

As in our examples above, a better outline of performance objectives could have been a chance for employee and employer to discuss any gaps in understanding early on. It’s also helpful to have a record of understanding if duties do need to change.

But there could also be some unspoken things going on in these examples that onboarding surveys could have helped. Did these employees not feel comfortable discussing the issues with management? Did supervisors not listen to concerns? These questionnaires can provide information about how your organization is perceived by those just coming in. Are you fostering an environment for strong work relationships and open communication?

Onboarding surveys can reveal other valuable information. How are new hires adapting within the organization, and what are their expectations and desires for a work-life balance? But most paramount, it can help you avoid costly new-hire turnover by addressing issues right from the start. Recruiting and hiring is an expensive process that you don’t want to do over and over.

Enlisting help from HSD Metrics for your onboarding surveys means honest feedback and valuable information you can use to make sure your new hires are properly trained and supported in their positions. Being a third-party resource, we find that employees will be more open with us as they don’t fear internal repercussions. Contact us today to learn more.