Why Putting Your Employees First Is Good for Business

Your employees are getting job offers in their inboxes as you read this. LinkedIn’s emails are listing other companies where your top performers’ talents are desperately needed.

If your employees delete those emails without a second thought, you’re truly succeeding as an employer. When your employees say “No thank you, LinkedIn, I’m where I want to be,” you’ve probably created a nurturing environment that creates opportunities for engagement.

But when your employees linger on those emails, you’ve got some work to do.

We work in a digitally connected world; transparency and a diverse workforce are the standard. Your employees researched your company during their interviews, just as you pulled information on your candidates. Once they were hired, you put in the time to interact with them – over emails, calls, video chat, and correspondence.

But it’s not enough to stop there, especially if your company is growing. To develop open communication with your team, you need to be present. Particularly in service-oriented industries where employees interact face-to-face with customers every day, showing your staff the same attention pays dividends.

Focused, standardized feedback mechanisms open the door for better conversation. Learn about your employees’ professional and personal aspirations. Learn what makes them tick – and makes them ticked off. Not only can you tailor their work to fit these goals and traits, but you’ll build their trust in the process. If your employees see a purpose in your interactions with them, they’ll come to you with problems – and speak highly of you to other potential talent.

And if you can get your employees talking positively about you in the digital space, all the better. We all know that our reputations precede us in the connected world. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and similar sites create a digital reputation with every review. If you visit these sites’ pages for your company, you may be shocked by what you find. People are generally blunter under the guise of anonymity, after all.

By making stay interviews purposeful and productive for your employees, you’ll know the precise steps to take to retain your talent. Let HSD Metrics help you improve your business and give your employees an avenue for their opinions – ­contact us today, or call 877-439-9315, to learn how we can get you started.